July 20, 2008

A Tree for My Birds To Rest

David and I headed downtown in Augusta Saturday to stroll through some of the stores. We wandered in Americana, a tattoo parlor on Broad, and we each came out with a new tattoo on our arms. We hadn't even looked into the artists or planned on doing it (although we both had vague ideas rattling in our heads... i think once you get a tat, you're always planning the next).

These were the second tattoos we've gotten together. When we met, we both already had one each. Then he got another, and then I got another as he watched. We got our first tattoos together on our one year anniversary over a year ago. And now we've got two more, my largest yet and his largest.

So today, we had fun in the studio with the ring flash. We thought we'd document our new ink since in a week or two, after it heals, it won't look so fresh and dark.

So here's a photo collaboration between Mr.Banks and I:


Chion Wolf said...

oof. so sweet. great work, separately and together.

yoon said...

i agree. you should see chion's tats.

Heidi Huber said...

Wow. I'm speechless, and that's a rarity. Seriously, whoa. Wow. I really really like the frame of you two together. Wow.

Kendrick Brinson said...

i wanna see yours, chion!

make it happen, yoon.

heh, thank ya, heidi. your response cracks me up. are you gonna be at geekfest?

haley said...

yeah, y'all are ridiculously cute. those tats are great.

see ya 'round the states sometime,

the parisian one.

Kendrick Brinson said...

halers, now that you're actually living in paris, you can get the french word tat you've always wanted. done and done.

button pusher said...

Nice tats, they flow together nicely.

Kendrick Brinson said...

thanks andrew. it's purely accidental.