July 14, 2008

The High School Clique

Our Managing Editor voiced the desire to see more teens in our newspaper and I was trying to come up with a photo column to take up time on my slower days and to make me write, so I started "Looking Past the Clique" this Spring. I did this photo column profiling local teens who, on the surface, fell into certain high school stereotypes but who were more than what their surface suggested.
I'm generally not a fan of using lights for my images, although I'm a big fan of photos that are well-lit. I tend to lean toward natural light and the times I use the studio or that I set-up lights is usually last-minute and rushed due to the nature of daily assignments at a daily newspaper.
I challenged myself with this column and confined it to the studio. I never came up with the photos exactly the way I wanted -- I needed flags, help, a bigger back-drop, more lights and really the ability to control each outcome better. But despite all my excuses, I had a good time and at least know where to start next time I want to try out a couple of lights. Maybe I'll continue the column in the fall... that elusive goth teen is out there...

Here are a few:
The beautiful fashion plate:
The JROTC geek:
The dumb, peppy cheerleader (who is actually smart):

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