July 11, 2008


i give you my most recent newspaper rejects. also known as the photos that will never make it to print. or as we sadly tend to call them, by no choice of our own, the "outtakes."

a fencing class warming-up at sunset:
a preview of a traveling Vietnam Wall, the day before its debut to the community (oh c'mon, you already knew what that wall looked like, but surely you've never seen the stars and bars dance in a reflection):
a golf tournament on an entirely too hot day (i.e. 98 degrees) (i opted not to use a golf cart because i'm "fit" and "walking is good" and regretted it immediately. i think i sweated a bucket per hole i walked):

a local watering hole near the canal (aka one of those days someone told me i was lucky to have such a cool job and i wholeheartedly agreed):

a county orchestra rehearsal. the story was about looking for more people to join:
...thanks for lending your eyes.

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