July 25, 2008

Chin Up, Newspaper Staffers

the business of newspapers is becoming a scarier place day by day across the country. the thing i've always loved about my job has not changed, i'm still getting paid to meet people and have daily adventures that i document. the office was always background noise before, too. but as readership shrinks more and more and the industry tries to find out how to stop shrinking newsrooms and how to bring readers back to our local product, the dynamic will continue to change. deadlines aren't what's making some staffers look stressed anymore. people are jumping ship (or being pushed off ship) and the tensions are mounting.
obviously, this is not just at the publication i work for. for you all not in the industry, this is everywhere.

today my paper is losing an important staffer and the dynamics of my job will change.
but my job will stay the same.

with that being said,
like i've said before,
it's the little things that crack me up and balance out the rest.
so here are some grins i've bumped into lately...

yes, i'm a total dork.
the little things, people. the little things.

p.s. if that floor face doesn't make you smile, just imagine me spotting it while working on the Ronald McDonald House project and getting on the floor and taking the photo without explanation to my photo subjects.