July 9, 2008

smothered, covered, chunked. just like waffle house hash browns.

(Jackie Ricciardi photo above)
I give you photos of David and I for any of you who wondered if we were spared from the mudstorm splatter at the glorious Redneck Games. The answer is clearly no. Yes, Georgia clay stains. No, not even OxiClean can get it out. I guess I'm stuck with red hair now, too.
(I'd like to note that our camera gear only suffered minor muddage. we came armed with protection thanks to Chip's forewarning.)


WinkieDuck said...

every now and then, i take some time out of my life and peer into the life of kendrick brinson and i'm amazed. i'm amazed at the way you are living your life. i'm amazed at the way you document your life through pictures. if i could think of anyone doing their life right, it's kendrick brinson.

-kendrick ton
san diego

Kendrick Brinson said...

well thank ya very much, kendrick. i consider that the highest of compliments.
thanks for making me feel cool for a hot second.