July 17, 2008

Angel Kisses across her nose.

today i was reminded why i love this job -- meaning photography and people. my camera leads me down paths i would never stray along otherwise and introduces me to people i would never meet. on the way to an assignment this morning, i was called and told it was cancelled. i was in a more rural area of South Carolina and thought I'd feature hunt while I was out there, which led me to a county rec center where kids were playing basketball. after shooting for a bit, i sat on the court to get a lower perspective. this girl, Baylee, sat down right next to me. she'd been watching me since i'd walked up and talked to the kids playing ball. right away she started telling me about her love for swimming, how she likes to help people, that she wants to be a doctor or teacher or photographer, how she is in foster care, almost had straight A's last year and even the price of the first hamburger at the first McDonalds.
she also told me that freckles, which she and i both have, are kisses from angels.

"You have lots of angel kisses," she told me. "More than me."

i didn't even get a good photo of her and the way she scrunched up her face when she was talking, but it's so very nice to meet a friendly, open person i never would have otherwise. y'know, even if she's only 8.

it's the little things.

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