September 10, 2008

a wake up call to a rented room/ sounded like an alarm of impending doom/ to warn us it's only a matter of time/ before we all burn

i'm starting to get over a fun little bout of a sinus infection turned pneumonia/bronchitis, not sure which because the doctor decided he knew what was wrong with me before he even checked me over. but now that i'm feeling a little better, thanks to some steroids that are giving me lots of energy(!!!!!), i can catch up on my recent photo wanderings.
(so here's something that may have contributed to my chokingcoughfest:)

a couple nights ago after going out for tapas and drinks with some friends, a coworker called me to tell me a fire was burning a hotel not too far from me. as i drove across the bridge over the Savannah River, I could see the orange glow and smoke filling the night sky over a mile up the street. my heart raced. it was both amazing and beautiful.

the immediate destruction mesmerized me.

i know it must have been so devastating for the owners and locals, as the building was a historic hotel built in 1903 (with a racist past) that was recently bought and fixed up into a restaurant. a piece of history smoldered over in a matter of hours.

i went the next morning, almost 9 hours later, and the remnants were still smoking.

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