September 17, 2008

Gastropod Mollusk

my first assignment this morning was at a wreath-laying event for Constitution Day. i found myself in a historic cemetery where one of the signers of the Constitution was laid to rest. a group of little girls in uniforms gathered for the event, one toting a slug she found on a leaf. she chased the prissier girls with her slimy accomplice.

after the ceremony, the girl approached me with slug in tow:
HER: "Take a picture of my slug"
ME: "Well, do you think it'll be on the front page of the newspaper?"
HER: "Oh yea"
ME: "Ok. Tell him to smile"
HER: "He's always smiling, silly."

it made my morning.

my mom found me more than once sitting in the bushes in the backyard covered in caterpillars.


Lauren Carroll said...

that's a pretty pretty picture. love her nail polish!

Kendrick Brinson said...

the slug is wearing nail polish, too!