September 10, 2008

politics. oy.

i shot two candidates as they campaigned through south carolina before the primary. i randomly was assigned Obama and McCain of the several who stopped in the palmetto state. this was last july, october and december-- i shot McCain twice. once, two on one.

a year ago, i doubted either of these two would be front runners... so much for my clairvoyance.
i was unhappy with the fluff both of them spouted. i've got a big bullshit detector and i'm a huge cynic, which makes election season a rather pessimistic time for me and politicians often intolerable. (don't get me wrong, there are some politicians i can tolerate, i'd just rather hear honest applicable ideas rather than pretty ideals. and don't get me wrong i'm not apathetic, i have strong political views.)
it's too bad. i'd love to be optimistic and cry when i hear a strong, passionate politician speak, but i just can't and don't. (hey, i may be a little more optimistic if obama wins office and actually does the laundry list of lovely things he spouted back last october. maybe. but some things sound too good to be true.)

i shot a local high school's young republicans club as they met at a local republican headquarters when McCain accepted the nomination last week.

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