September 1, 2008

Last Week, More of the Same

Last week I shot more of the same, portraits and food. My love, documentary assignments, are becoming few and far between. I did get to shoot an elderly aerobics class, which surprisingly was a breath of fresh air, despite the fact that I was really sick, because I didn't have to dictate my photo-- I got to decide what I needed to do to get a good image based upon others' movements, instead of my own.
My pull to newspapers is documentary photography. Going freelance did not appeal to me because you don't get to shoot several different events, people everyday, often you don't get to shoot every day at all. But as the good assignments dwindle more and more, as the newsroom shrinks more and more, I'm not sure what keeps me tied to this business. I can't even say it's the free gear, because my work-issued Nikon D2xs is gathering dust as I use my personal gear.
It's a strange time in this industry and I can't say I'm unhappy with my current spot, as it transitions and newspapers try to regain their footing, but my reasons for staying in it and rejecting the freelance life are quickly evaporating...
Here's my take from last week, I snuck some shots at my portrait assignments:

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