August 5, 2008

Green is my favorite color.

This past weekend I attended APhotoADay's annual Geekfest, which was based out of St. Petersburg, Florida this year. I am so inspired by the energy and talent of passionate photojournalists. I got a kick in the booty to step it up a notch and I got to put faces to names to the photos I've admired.
Here are just a few Geeks, some I already knew, in order of appearance:
Amelia Phillips Ariel Zambelich Brandon Kruse Greg Kahn Thomas Patterson David Walter Banks James Gregg Matt Slaby Luanne Dietz


ariel zambelich said...

oh kenders, i feel so honored to have made it onto your blog! haha. if y'all ever make it to the west (best?) coast, good times will be had.

Luanne said...

Such it!

shawn rocco said...

damn! these are f'n sweet.
what a great light.

Kendrick Brinson said...

thanks, friends.

yea, shawn, the light was irresistable. funny thing is, there were maybe 12 of those lights on every hall of the ponce.

btezra said...

fantastic set of informal portraits
the color, light and character captured in each is fantastic

m said...

wow... i'm sorry i missed this photo shoot. looks like it was a lot of fun.