August 6, 2008

Baby, It's Hot.

August in Augusta feels much like the inside of an oven. If a swamp was inside the oven. If the 12,600 degree core of the Earth were inside that swamp. And if the hot chocolate I burn my tongue on every December were poured on top of that smoldering core.

Finding people to photograph braving the heat regularly proves difficult. The "heat feature" is the cross us photojournalists bear every summer. Surprisingly, heat is breaking news just about every week.
I finally spotted these girls sweating under the shade of a tree in a playground yesterday.
These images couldn't run in the paper, so I thought I'd post them here.

(i'm not a huge fan of the image above, but the expression on the one face pretty much summed up my feelings.)


amelia phillips hale said...

love the sweat and eyes! i think it's as hot tamale in ar-kansas as it is in augusta! the stifling summer seeps in and sucks up my energy...


great to meet you, and love the green pics!

Kendrick Brinson said...

thank ya, ma'am.

t'was a pleasure hearing your laugh.

Erica Lucci said...

The first picture captured the heat perfectly...just a little bit of sweat.

It's hot like an oven here in Arizona (dry and hot). The only time you see people out is at night, I joke that we all get nocturnal in the summer.

Kendrick Brinson said...

erica, i'm with you on the outside at night thing in the summer. it's glorious when the heat lifts.
yet, it's annoying to be looking desperately for a hot weather feature for the paper at 2pm for an anxious editor and then to be driving to go out to dinner at 7 and seeing so many people outside.