August 13, 2008

Alex's First Day of School

A reporter and I tagged along with Alex , 4, on his first day of school. I knew I liked Alex when I watched him, completely determined, putting his shoes on the wrong feet for 5 minutes at 7:15 am Monday.


heavyweather said...

These are just sick, Kendrick. I love the way you shoot. Inspiring little photo story with lots of great shots.

Kendrick Brinson said...

thanks so much. it was an exhausting day, surprisingly.

it was fun to tag along with a 4-year-old for the day.

ivester said...

Nice work on these. How many of them actually ran?

Kendrick Brinson said...

2 or 3, Jason.
honestly, i didn't look inside. one ran on the front, i dunno what ran inside.

ehhhhh... so i posted entirely too many on the blog instead! ha.