October 6, 2008

Cheerleading: Rite of Passage

i've been spending the past few weeks photographing the North Augusta High School Varsity Cheerleading squad and will continue to do so til the close of the football season. Friday morning was their homecoming. I awoke before the sun rose to meet the girls at school before classes. The juniors were being made under by the seniors as a rite of passage into the varsity squad. Each senior covered her "little sister" in face paint, colored hair spray, glued brightly colored eyelashes to their eyelids, stuck moustaches to their upper lips, put tutus around their waists. Then the girls made their way down to the football field for the homecoming pep rally in the lovely early morning light.
I shot a lot of images and figured the majority of which won't make my final edit of the squad's season since striped leggings and hot pink hair might distract if there are a lot of repetitions... so here is a peek at my Friday morning:


ariel zambelich said...


the photos are awesome! what a crazy tradition. i totally love the one of the girl with the yellow wings running out of the classroom door, i would love a print of that! great colors, great subjects. can't wait to see how the rest of the season pans out.

Kendrick Brinson said...

thank ya, lovely.
it was a visual feast. the lab manager made fun of me for shooting 4 gigs in 4 hours. hello, i've been starved for something visual... ie not portraits...

tell me your address and send me an autographed print first!