May 11, 2008


Mothers have unbelievable strengths. Unknown to them even, I think.

The image below is from a project I worked on last year. Diana, 5, had just undergone surgery to remove a chemotherapy port in her chest. Diana, like most 5 year olds, is a wild little spitfire. Diana, unlike most 5 year olds, had cancer. I never saw her mother flinch. She rolls with the kicks and punches with ease.

"I did really well my first two years of school and I thought, Can I do both? Can I be a good student and become a good physician and be a good mommy, too?' " Amanda Matthews said.

Amanda Matthews holds her daughter Addie, 10 months, in her North Augusta home. Mrs. Matthews gave birth to Addie in the summer between her second and third years in medical school. She did rounds and surgeries with swollen ankles, while 7 months pregnant. Since then, she's done well enough balancing motherhood and medical school that she won the Georgia Woman of the Year Scholarship for her academic and volunteer work and graduated Friday.

Thursday Frank, my mother's partner, graduated from nursing school. A party, with bluegrass music, twinkling lights and friends, was thrown in honor of all of his hard work.
On the way home from Columbia, after the party, I stumbled upon a Christian radio station where they discussed a wife's responsibility to empower her husband. Behind every great man, stands a great woman.
That applies with Frank.
But much more so, that applies with me, my brother, my mom's countless students.
Behind a great child, stands a greater mother.
Cheesie, yea. But the older I get, the more I am in complete awe of my mother's endless patience, compassion, wisdom and willingness to help people.
I wrote this about my mom 2 years ago. it still holds true.

this is a quiet moment between laughing and dancing, toward the end of frank's graduation party. the band was winding down. my brother and his wife sit to the left, my sister next to them and my beautiful mom on the right.
here's to great moms. (including my wonderful step-mom Gina!)
Happy Mothers Day.

My equally smart, equally goofy mother and Frank dancing in the Baltimore Museum of Art.

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Beautiful moments here. Nice job. I always enjoy looking at your work.